“Un diner pour Papi”

There was always a certain calmness to my Papi Jacques, he never talks much at our family gatherings, that’s a task for Mamie Lucienne. Instead, he sits in his chair, listenning, thinking and observing his children, his grandchildren and his wife all together. I can tell he is content with the situation, this is enough for him, he may not show it but he is happy.

In many ways I relate to him, two introverts, we like what we like and unless we are with people we are close to we don’t necessarly talk much unless we have something to say, generally calm beings that keep to our selves.

My grandfather has influenced me in many ways but the most important one must be cooking, an activity that has been for him a job but for his son and grandson has become a cherished hobby.

Through this dinner set I aimed to express my grandfathers calmness through circular, calming shapes without forgetting about his complex and misterious inner thoughts happening deep inside with a detailed painting like glasing that gets more and more textured the closer you look.